Sunday, November 8, 2009

And now for some off-topic…

I’ve received more payments!

Neobux – 1st payment! :)


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Big Kahuna Clicks – 2nd payment! :)



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I’ve got a new pc, finally! :) I was sick and tired of that ‘old fart’! xD


Check out the specs of my new PC:

Manufacturer: ECS

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz (2 CPUs) Memory: 2048MB RAM

Hard Drive: Samsung 500 GB

Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series

Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster - 17 inches (CRT)

Sound Card: ATI HD Audio rear output

Speakers/Headphones: Yes

Keyboard: USB Root Hub

Mouse: USB Root Hub

Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3

Motherboard: Asus P5KPL

And that’s all, folks! ;)

New Updates(Finally…)

1059454_66766901 Again, I’m terribly sorry by the lack of updates, because I’m busy, as always… Nonetheless, I have some news to share with you:



Now, there are only two Episodes to be reviewed. I've merged some Episodes in one, and so, the number of Episodes reduced from 31 to 27.

postitI'm also thinking in merge the Episodes 27 and 28 in one, which would decrease the Episodes to 26.


 After reviewing these episodes, I'll be reviewing the Episodes of the First Season, and yes, some might be merged or not…


Then, I'll search for a 'Beta Reader' who can help me with my Fan Fiction.


Soon, I'll be posting here the profile of the characters until now, I mean, the Second Season.

And that's all (for now), folks. Again, sorry by the lack of updates.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My First Payout from Earn Easy Cash

Hi, I'’ve gotten paid yesterday thanks to my clicks in Earn Easy Cash.

And below it’s the payment proof from my PayPal account.


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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh hey.

Sorry by the inactivity! :(


Since my PC started to turned itself off alone, I’ve uninstalled many programs and all games from it, and I got upset to do any other things, and since last Thursday I’ve been sick but thanks Heavens I’m fine and practically recovered.


And yes, my English Course is finishing this Saturday and I’m gonna miss it, because it was a great one… :(


If I’m going to back to review my fan fiction ? Of course, and I also went back to paid to click business some days ago.


Again, sorry by the inactivity during these days.

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